How To Design Good Habits That Won’t Kill Your Energy

How To Design Good Habits That Won’t Kill Your Energy

Here’s Why You Need Good Habits In Your Life

We all desire potent lives that are full of fulfillment and influence. But, it seems like no matter how hard we try to live a meaningful life, everything else pushes back against us.

What if you could mindfully create habits that transformed you into an effective communicator, and empathetic leader, or a energetic influencer?

Here’s the power of good habits:

Well-designed, good habits allow you to craft a potent lifestyle one day at a time. They allow you to slowly practice your dream self and focus on the activities that actually bring you joy and progress.

And creating good habits really isn’t that difficult…

Creating good habits is all about slowing down for a quick second and intentionally carving out time for the activities that contribute to what is the most meaningful to you.

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You Don’t Have To Save The World To Have Good Habits

By far, the biggest struggle most people have with living a habit-filled lifestyle is hidden:

We don’t feel like our time is valuable enough to have habits.

That idea sounds crazy at first, but seriously… take a second to evaluate how much you value your own time.

My local grocery store has an online shopping feature where you can just drive up and they put the groceries in your car. And it’s only $5!

I told that to a friend of mine and he was amazed that I would pay $5 to have someone else shop groceries for me.

I turned to him and said an hour of my time not spent going to the grocery is, to me, worth more than $5. He was stunned at how much I valued my time and energy.

While he was amazed at how much I valued my time, I was amazed at how little he valued his!

Before you decide to create good habits in your life, you first need to recognize that your time and energy is valuable… and you should create habits out of respect for yourself and the energy you possess.

You become a dynamically expressive person when you hone in to your strengths and find every possible way to exercise them more.

And to do that means valuing your life enough to make decisions that are quirky to everyone else who doesn’t value their time.

Don’t let your positional authority or titles declare how valuable your time is.

No matter if you’re a soccer mom or a CEO or a hero in movie, start to value and revere your time as important.

Because it is.

You will make the world a better place when you value yourself in a way that your self-worth overflows and propels others forward.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


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How Good Habits Will Improve Your Life

How do you view habits?

Most people think habits are something they only need to add into their lifestyle once they’re comfortable.

And many of us think we have to “make it” before we actually plan and craft a routine for ourselves.

However, habits are your direct access to living the life you want right now.

The key to creating your dream lifestyle and outcomes is this:


Think of the person you aspire to be. You will never achieve becoming that kind of person unless you practice the activities that that person has.

For example, I want to become a more vulnerable, gentle, and loving person. I can imagine life as the kind of person, but until I act upon it, my intention is futile.

Instead, I start practicing habits now that shape me into that person. So, every day I make it a habit to have a meaninful conversation with someone.

It’s sloppy. And it’s messy. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

But, that habit has caused tremendous growth for me just in the course of a few months.

Don’t create habits after you’ve acquired a lifestyle you feel comfortable with. Because, frankly, you won’t achieve that lifestyle without habits to begin with.

Allow your satisfaction to come from the growth involved in the journey instead of the mystical destination that’s always changing.

Use habits as a way to guide you to become more fulfilled and joyous.

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Small Activities Create Big Results

Do you ever create a goal for yourself and then:

You get intimidated by how big the goal is?

I always do this… I measure success based on the results that I get.

Focusing on the results is discouraging and it causes us to loose sight of the bigger picture. Ultimately, you can’t control the future. You cannot control the outcome of what you do.


You can control the daily actions you take. And you can control the activities you’re involved in that create results.

I recently started working as a loan originator. Now, my goal is to close 8 loans per month.

I could sit in my office and become overwhelmed with the seemingly impossible task of closing 8 loans every month…


Instead of focusing on the results I want, I can use the results to guide the activities I create for myself.

So, instead of going into the office and saying “how can I close another loan”, I go into the office and say “I’m going to make 30 calls to realtors today”.

See, the action of calling is something the will ultimatley result in closing 8 loans. But, the difference is that each morning I can wake up and choose to call 30 people.

That action is in my control.

What isn’t in my control is how many of those calls turn into loans. And that’s ok.

Part of life is fully accepting the processes we’re involved in. We have to trust that the work we do is valuable enough to create the results we want on its own.

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How To Break Down Monumental Goals Into Doable Habits

So, you know exactly how habits will create a potent and practiced lifestyle…

Now comes the fun part:

Outlining your goals and crafting the habits that will get you there.

I think we get too eager with the goals that we have for ourselves and we jump in too quickly to the actions steps.

I see people who want to start businesses quit their great job the next day with no future gameplan… that usually doesn’t work out too well.

Instead of going in headfirst, why not make a game plan of the habits that will lead you to the results you want?

Let’s say you have a goal to be more healthy. Maybe you want to lose 30lbs.

This is going to be a suggestion so simple it might sound insane:

What if instead of going to the gym every day and completely changing your diet, you simply just cut out all drinks with sugar in them…

That’s such a simple habit. Want proof? Ed Sheeran lost 50lbs over a year by simply not drinking beer.

You want the habits you create to be simple, but powerful.

So, to break down big goals into doable habits, break down your goals piece by piece.

If you want to write a book, don’t start by writing the book. Start by doing research. Start by writing blogs and honing your craft.

If you want to start a business, start by buying a couple business books and interviewing successful business leaders.

The first step to starting is often right in front of you and it’s often easier than you expect it to be.

Remember, habits aren’t meant to radically change your life after one day, one month, or even one year. Habits will shape you over a long period of time as you invest yourself completely in the activities that create results instead of focusing on the results only and becoming distracted by shiny object syndrome.

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Busy Schedule? What Can You Remove And What Can You Replace?

You might be wondering:

How can I add habits to my already stressful and hectic lifestyle?

You start by evaluating where you’re spending your time and what you can remove and replace.

Whether we plan them or not, we all have habits in our life: daily motions and repititions that are shaping us into who we are.

Maybe you crash in front of the TV after work. Is that shaping you into a specific kind of person? Is there another activity that could provide rest for you while shaping you into a better person?

Or, maybe you struggle to let work stay at work. And when you go home to your family your mind is somewhere else. You’re not present with the people you love. Is absent-mindedness shaping you into someone you don’t want to be?

Honestly, the only way to redesign the way you spend your time is to become ruthless with the activities you’re involved in.

You’ll most likely need to learn how to say no and how to refocus your energy on activities and habits that will shape you into who you want to become.

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Want To Actually Stick With Your Habits? Invite A Friend

Habits are all about practice.

You’re going to fail. And that’s ok.

Failing an activity doesn’t mean you failed as a person. In fact, your ability to respond to failure highlights how courageous you are.

To stick with you habits better, you can’t go at them alone.

A quick way to practice habits better is to let other people know what habits you’re trying to create. Include people. Practice in the open.

Other people will have valuable insight as you growth and develop your habits.

Also, invite friends to create a more fulfilling lifestyle with you.

Scott Smith (founder of Uncover Your Purpose) and I have always dreamed of writing. So, we started the habit together.

By creating a habit together, we created a system of accountability, insight, and encouragement that challenges us to become better writers together.

Who do you know that might want to practice what you want to practice? How can you invite people into the new ways you’ll create and influence others?

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Your Habits Define What Your Life Will Look Like

I’m always amazed when I see people I admire…

I’m amazed at how beautifully their life flows. It seems like their so in tune with the core of themselves and everything radiates from their self worth.

It seems like their lives just happened to work out so wonderfully, but the closer I look, the more I realize that those people simply harnessed the power of habits over a long period of time.

They committed themselves to great work for an extended period and, as a result, seem to effortlessly excel at everything that they do.

Andy Stanley has this great quote that we teach all the time.

He says:

“Direction, not intention, determines destination.”

In other words, it’s not your willingness for something to happen, but rather your action that determines where you’ll end up.

You can dream and plan and hope as much as you want, but until you set aside time to actually move forward with your goals, nothing will ever change.

And your action steps and habits don’t have to be monumental!

It can be as simple as reading a book. Meeting with some people. Starting some research.

Your life will only change as much as you allow it to through your actions.

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Don’t Wait, Start Now

Your habits, the daily activities you create for yourself, will ultimately shape you over time.

No matter if you plan them or not, the tasks you do and the way you spend your time will determine who you are in the future and what you accomplish.

If you’ve been dreaming and you’re ready to start seeing results, break down your big goals into small habits that you can practice well.

Allow yourself to fail and grow through the process. No one expects you to be perfect and have it all together except for yourself.

It’s time to reclaim your time and energy and start intentionally investing in yourself!

What you have to offer to the world is remarkably powerful. We need the fullness of you.

Start today to create that habits that will lead you into a full and rich life.

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