Want to craft a uniquely stunning life purpose?

Want to craft a uniquely stunning life purpose?

Creating a life purpose statement can seem daunting. How can you write a sentence or two that eloquently sums up your life?

People become so overwhelmed with thinking the statement they're crafting has to be entirely encompassing of who they are and where they want to go.

But, writing a life purpose statement that exudes life and prosperity isn't too complicated. The key is discovering your unique gifting that helps others overcome obstacles in their life.

What is a life purpose statement?

“Life is not primarily a quest for pleasure, as Freud believed, or a quest for power, as Alfred Adler taught, but a quest for meaning”

A life purpose statement is merely a summary of your life direction in a couple sentences.

For instance, my current life purpose is: "I help people explore their identity and connect their unique story to culture."

What that means for me: I'm all for understanding where people are and helping them identify their unique space in their environment. I love helping people who aspire to create a business but feel stuck in their job. Or, I love helping people explore how dynamic their personality is and to move past the lies they, or others, have been telling themselves.

A life purpose statement is a reflection of who you want to be based on the observation of your history, goals, core values, burdens, dreams, etc. (If you want to learn how to craft a life purpose statement of your own, sign up for our free life purpose course)

Creating a life purpose statement allows you to have a clear and distinct direction for future growth and movement.

It serves as an overarching plan of action that will help you tackle big goals and live life well.

Your life purpose should be more significant than you

"The world is full of people who are grabbing and self-seeking. So the rare individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage." - Dale Carnegie

The primary goal of a life purpose statement is to lead you into a life well lived: a life full of vibrant joy and deep fulfillment.

But, it's easy to turn life purpose into something that only grants creative freedom for ourselves without seeking creative fulfillment for others.

Often, we view crafting of a life purpose as something that only shapes us. Something that just leads to our satisfaction and fulfillment.

In reality, our life purpose should drastically impact others. It should clearly define how we use our time and energy to improve the lives of the people around us.

Your fulfillment is the indirect result of fulfillment in someone else's life

If we spend our time only focusing on our own pleasure and satisfaction, we will never obtain it... pursuing your own fulfillment is impossible.

True satisfaction and fulfillment can never be pursued, it can only ensue as a result of us chasing after something greater than ourselves.

We cannot achieve satisfaction and joy in our own life unless others do as a result of our direction.

Our satisfaction is an indirect result of helping others achieve joy.

Find the obstacle keeping others from joy

Everyone we encounter has barriers that are preventing them from living a fulfilled life. Sometimes it's money or their culture. Sometimes it's physical illness. Sometimes it's emotional or mental intelligence.

Finding real satisfaction in your own life comes from the pursuit of improving the world around you in a unique way.

To do this, you first need to discover your core values and what you believe the direction of your life is.

From there, you'll begin to become keenly aware of a specific group of people that you're wired to serve and the obstacles that keep them from living a joyous life.

For example, my life purpose is to "help people explore their identity and connect their unique story to culture."

But, the most prominent thing that statement is missing is who am I serving and how am I helping them find greater contentment in life.

To create a compelling purpose statement, I can create a draft by adding the phrase "so they can overcome" to my statement.

It looks like this: "I help people explore their identity and connect their unique story to culture so they can overcome environment assimilation and the fear of being different."

Now, my purpose statement has a reason. It focuses intently on a specific problem that I am uniquely wired to help resolve.

To craft a unique and stunning life purpose, we must address the specific things that keeps others from contentment and joy.

Our life purpose needs to directly address an obstacle or void that is keeping someone else from living a joyous life.

The two aspects of life purpose

"People who can put themselves in the place of other people, who can understand the workings of their minds, need never worry about what the future has in store for them." - Dale Carnegie

A powerful life purpose statement needs to consider two things:

1. How You Live Life

2. How The Way You Live Life Affects Others

If you focus entirely on How You Live Life then you will become self-absorbed. You will manipulate others so you can feel good and act like you're "living out purpose."

But, when you consider How The Way You Live Life Affects Others, you begin to add valuable weight to How You Live Life.

When you blend the two, no longer is it just about your own satisfaction...

Life purpose becomes about you partnering with others in a unique space. A partnership in tearing down the obstacles that separate people from a life well lived.

You've been given a unique set of skills and experiences and ambitions that will directly help others overcome the genuine struggles in their life.

Your unique traits empower you to provide life to a specific group of people.

In the process of helping others deconstruct the barriers in front of them, they begin to draw closer to fulfillment. And, at the same time, you start to experience joy and satisfaction as your partner with others.

Next step

Don't pursue a fulfilling life. Crafting a life purpose statement is all about pursuing prosperity and success with other people in a specific area they are struggling in.

Fulfillment for yourself and others will ensue (or is an indirect result) of you pursuing something greater than yourself.

Become aware of your unique gifting, resources, and passions. Through creation and community, we help others tear down the obstacles and voids that separate them from a life well lived.

Crafting a shiny life purpose is all about your ability to serve others. Do you lift people out of sorrow? Do you champion the joy of the overlooked?

You'll find a joyful life when you stop chasing after satisfaction for yourself and start helping others tear down their obstacles.

To paraphrase Jesus: whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will find it.

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