The Ultimate Guide To Cure Your Fear Of Missing Out

Ready to escape the fear of missing out? Learn to crush FoMO and start thriving. You’ll learn just how damaging FoMO is and the exact ways you can combat it and live a joyful life.Together We’ll Explore:The #1 Lie About The Fear Of Missing OutWhat Exactly FoMO IsThe Psychological Implications Of The Fear Of Missing […]

How Instagram Became One Of My Strongest Spiritual Teachers

I did the socially progressive thing. That thing your friend does when they delete a social media account. But usually they post about it to appear like they’ve got life together. I didn’t do that, but I thought about it. I want to seem to have it all together. It’s deep and dark though: the goal behind […]

8 Powerfully Potent Communication Techniques

What Are Communication Techniques?Communication is vital to thriving in any environment. Without communication, we simply exist on our own, entirely subject to our self-positioned distance from others.Learning how to communicate clearly will allow you to find freedom and joy in life by inviting others into a conversation that has movement and clarity. When you Communicate […]

The Top 5 Motivational Videos for 2018

Motivation is the driving force behind why you do what you do.And motivation ultimately ends up shaping the action or inaction that causes peace, destruction, harmony, and conflict.To find true, lasting motivation, we must search inside of ourselves to find the values that drive every action we take.Instead of hyped-up anecdotes with dramatic music in […]

Don’t Check Your Phone The First Thing In The Morning

If you’re like me, you struggle to not look at your phone the first thing in the morning… I had to start finding a way to break this pattern. Checking your phone in the morning will immediately limit the rest of the day. It will often make you play the comparison game with the highlights […]

The Importance of Motivation – How To Get Out Of Your Rut: Motivate And Inspire Anyone

Great leaders and influencers understand the value of motivation.They understand their effectiveness as a leader is directly proportional to their ability to inspire action amongst the people they work with.Everyone from moms to business leaders needs to understand the importance of motivationMost people go through life feeling stuck. They become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the […]

The Motivation Process – How To Find Endless Distraction-Free Motivation

I’m not going to yell and cuss at you. Or give you a quick pep talk that will only energize you for the next 25 minutes. I’m simply going to show you how I find the motivation within myself to master my energy and become motivated beyond external bursts.Reliance on external motivation only causes noise […]

4 Steps To Find Clarity When You’re Confused

Are you confused about what your life direction is? Maybe you’re trying to decide a major. Or maybe a career. Maybe you feel lost and distanced from community and fulfillment. I struggle with feeling like I’m on a solid direction so much… I think it’s because I lose myself in the destination rather than the […]

One surprising word that will help you flawlessly accept criticism

Through one simple word and a follow up question, you can transform a critic into a collaborator. Your response has the direct ability to invite others into your growth and partner in your development instead of viewing critics as negative influences.Use The Word “Noted” To Recognize A Critique And Accept It“Noted”, Jon would affirmatively say each […]

Want to craft a uniquely stunning life purpose?

Creating a life purpose statement can seem daunting. How can you write a sentence or two that eloquently sums up your life? People become so overwhelmed with thinking the statement they’re crafting has to be entirely encompassing of who they are and where they want to go. But, writing a life purpose statement that exudes life and […]