The Importance of Motivation – How To Get Out Of Your Rut: Motivate And Inspire Anyone

Great leaders and influencers understand the value of motivation.They understand their effectiveness as a leader is directly proportional to their ability to inspire action amongst the people they work with.Everyone from moms to business leaders needs to understand the importance of motivationMost people go through life feeling stuck. They become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the […]

The Motivation Process – How To Find Endless Distraction-Free Motivation

I’m not going to yell and cuss at you. Or give you a quick pep talk that will only energize you for the next 25 minutes. I’m simply going to show you how I find the motivation within myself to master my energy and become motivated beyond external bursts.Reliance on external motivation only causes noise […]

One surprising word that will help you flawlessly accept criticism

Through one simple word and a follow up question, you can transform a critic into a collaborator. Your response has the direct ability to invite others into your growth and partner in your development instead of viewing critics as negative influences.Use The Word “Noted” To Recognize A Critique And Accept It“Noted”, Jon would affirmatively say each […]

Want to craft a uniquely stunning life purpose?

Creating a life purpose statement can seem daunting. How can you write a sentence or two that eloquently sums up your life? People become so overwhelmed with thinking the statement they’re crafting has to be entirely encompassing of who they are and where they want to go. But, writing a life purpose statement that exudes life and […]

Transform your struggles into far-reaching influence in only 4 minutes

What you’re struggling with is exactly how you can begin helping others. “You will seek only what you have partially already discovered and therefore seen as desirable”. — Richard Rohr Or, in other words, what you’re sensitive to right now will guide you in your growth. In just 4 minutes, and a simple shift in mindset, you’ll learn to take […]