3 quirky conversational tricks that will make you profoundly influential

Influence is found in our ability to meaningfully interact with the people we encounter. It’s not something just reserved for a stage or large audience. You have the power to be profoundly influential in every conversation you have by becoming aware of how you interact and desiring to grow further. I outlined 3 things I do in almost […]

4 ways core values will dramatically change your life

Core values allow us to live our dream lifestyle anywhere, anytime, with anyoneCore values shape every single decision we make. They’re the lens through which we find value in tasks and people and place. But, often, they’re ambiguous and we don’t make an effort to clearly define them. When you can clearly define your core values, […]

How to challenge small talk and foster genuine connection

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on UnsplashHow to transform small talk into powerful connectionSmall talk terrifies my predominantly-introverted self. But in American culture, small talk is a social necessity. I had this grand desire to have vulnerable and powerful conversations with the people I met. So, I tried to drop pointless conversations from my life and dive […]

The Open Loops Trick To Tackle Your Goals With Ease

How often do you come home after a busy day at work and still can’t seem to shut off everything that still needs to get done? And not just things from work, but everything else that you’re involved in like making meals and exercising and paying bills and washing clothes and maintaining some level of a […]

The Easiest, Guilt-Free Way To Say No

Learning to say no will allow you to have a rich, powerful, and focused direction that doesn’t sway with guilt. While constantly saying yes will only cause:guilt that subtracts from your purposewasted energy that robs you of rest, innovation, and joySaying “no” is one of the most difficult things to do. No one enjoys saying […]

You Won’t Think About Personality Tests The Same Way Again

We’re all obsessed with personality tests. Below is my favorite Myers-Briggs adaptation… go on, find your cinnamon roll status: We love the idea that we can fit snuggly inside a type. It’s comfortable. And life threatening… My room is better than your room Personality tests have been the cultural rave in the past few years (and […]

How To Be An Introvert AND An Extrovert (Without Giving Up Who You Are)

You’ve believed for a while that you’re either an introvert or an extrovert. Though, it doesn’t work that way. You’re an evolving mixture of both. And introversion and extroversion are tools we use to live lives of richness and depth. I’ll guide you through a discovery that has shaped the way I view life and […]