4 Steps To Find Clarity When You’re Confused

Are you confused about what your life direction is? Maybe you’re trying to decide a major. Or maybe a career. Maybe you feel lost and distanced from community and fulfillment. I struggle with feeling like I’m on a solid direction so much… I think it’s because I lose myself in the destination rather than the […]

One surprising word that will help you flawlessly accept criticism

Through one simple word and a follow up question, you can transform a critic into a collaborator. Your response has the direct ability to invite others into your growth and partner in your development instead of viewing critics as negative influences.Use The Word “Noted” To Recognize A Critique And Accept It“Noted”, Jon would affirmatively say each […]

Want to craft a uniquely stunning life purpose?

Creating a life purpose statement can seem daunting. How can you write a sentence or two that eloquently sums up your life? People become so overwhelmed with thinking the statement they’re crafting has to be entirely encompassing of who they are and where they want to go. But, writing a life purpose statement that exudes life and […]

Transform your struggles into far-reaching influence in only 4 minutes

What you’re struggling with is exactly how you can begin helping others. “You will seek only what you have partially already discovered and therefore seen as desirable”. — Richard Rohr Or, in other words, what you’re sensitive to right now will guide you in your growth. In just 4 minutes, and a simple shift in mindset, you’ll learn to take […]

How To Stop Your Obsessive Personal Development Book Addiction

“That will be $8.99”, the cashier said as I purchased my 7th notebook in the span of 2 months… I picked up the habit of reading with the ambition of becoming a better, wiser person. And I was entirely convinced that I had to retain every piece of knowledge I read so that I could quote […]

How to live your ideal future tomorrow

​So many of us have goals and dreams for a meaningful future… for a life well lived. Visions of authenticity, growth, family, and influence. But often we let those future constructs lie years ahead of us. We play a waiting game… And we think that one day something big will happen and all that we’ve dream of and envisioned […]

Crush creative avoidance with these 2 tactics

How often do you try to get something done, but you’re dragged down by small details that seem to keep piling up? Like you’re feeling stagnant and not actually moving towards your goals… It’s amazing how easily we find a million things to do when we’re faced with an important task. For example, when you need to finish […]

Are you envious because I am generous?

Why someone else’s success isn’t a threat to your wellbeing For the longest time, social media was becoming a massive source of jealousy and comparison in my life. It seemed like whenever someone else succeeded or had something I wanted, it distorted my view of joy and contentment. And I think a lot of us are there, too.The […]