How Is Motivation Driven By Your Purpose?

Motivation has always been a difficult thing for me to pin down. I’ve always enjoyed watching TED talks or browsing through r/getmotivated to gain just a splash of energy, but the surge never lasts long. In search of a method to gain motivation that held for a while, I stumbled upon Daniel Pink’s work on motivation…

How is motivation driven by your purpose? Lasting motivation is largely driven by a desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. When we find purpose in what we want to achieve, we become self-motivated instead of relying on people, money, status to energize us.

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Why Do Personal Core Values Matter?

I recently just started working in sales… and let me tell you: the attitudes and ideals in the sales world are drastically different that what I want to carry into the rest of my life. Without a grounded sense of who we are and where we’re headed, it’s easy to get lost in busyness, stress, and the stronger ideals of others.

Why do personal core values matter? Personal core values matter because they act like a compass for the direction we want our life to go. They allow us to dream the ideal life we want to live and to create real ways we can achieve it.

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Can Your Life Purpose Change?

This is a big misunderstanding about life purpose… whenever I talk with people about purpose, they feel like it’s one thing they have to figure out. But it’s not…

Can your life purpose change?

Your life purpose is constantly changing. As you learn more about yourself and the world around you, you naturally beginning feeling, reacting, thinking, and acting differently. And you gain feedback about what really matters to you and what being human is all about.

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Personal Fulfillment: How Do You Find It?

We’re all chasing personal fulfillment. I know how easy it can be to try to find life fulfillment in things, status, and opportunity… so I’ve been searching for ways to find fulfillment within myself and I thought I’d share with you!

So, how do you find personal fulfillment? Finding personal fulfillment is a lifelong process of self-exploration. The first place to start is the recognition that personal fulfillment is never a destination. It’s about constantly searching for the ways we’re invited to a deeper experience in what it means to be human.

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How Your Emotions Are Made (And How To Change Them To Serve You Better)

I’m a highly reactive person.

So many people are… something happens in our life, and we immediately feel it.

And the most difficult part about feeling emotions strongly is the ensuing actions afterward. Anger, withdrawal, loneliness, angst.

If we can discover how we think, we can change what we think.

Once we learn the patterns that cause us to feel and act differently than we’d like, we can finally take ownership of the way we feel about ourselves and the world around us.

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The Most Effective Way To Start Any Project

I love dreaming about the future, but it seems like so often I get stuck in the dream and quickly lose touch of reality.

It’s easy to dream of finally moving forward with our goals, but it so much more difficult to actually gain traction and momentum moving forward.

Here’s what you need to do:

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Self-Leadership is the key to your biggest impact

You are the most overlooked leader in your life, and it is holding you back.

Leadership is a crucial factor in the success of any organization. The ability for an organization, whether that is a business, a community, or a family, to have a purpose, a vision for what that purpose looks like, and a game plan for growth rests mostly on the leadership structure of that organization. Those three elements; purpose, vision, and a game plan, are necessary for success as an organization. 

We know this is true of organizations, but have you thought about that same idea applying to your life as an individual? Your ability to have purpose, vision, and a game plan for growth rests mostly on who is leading you.

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How To Design Good Habits That Won’t Kill Your Energy

Here’s Why You Need Good Habits In Your Life

We all desire potent lives that are full of fulfillment and influence. But, it seems like no matter how hard we try to live a meaningful life, everything else pushes back against us.

What if you could mindfully create habits that transformed you into an effective communicator, and empathetic leader, or a energetic influencer?

Here’s the power of good habits:

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6 Words My Therapist Said That Changed Me

While working with my therapist through why I struggle with vulnerability, he mentioned this phrase that stuck with me:

How I see you see me.

And I didn't realize the exact depth of it until he said it throughout our conversation.

I take my view of myself (my idea of worth and value and shame and guilt) and project that onto others in the assumption that that's how they feel towards me.

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Your Unrealized Creative Freedom Is Hidden In Your Purpose

The One Thing You’re Supposed To Do

I love when I talk with my friends who get into new personality tests and one friend always says:

“I like this test, but I feel like I can’t be boxed in”.

What a revelation…

We’re constantly in search of the dynamic freedom of openness and the stability of a structured system.

We want to feel like there is a path to follow. But, we also feel like there’s more than the path.

“That path can’t define me… but I sure hope it doesn’t go away”

And if you’re there, you’re right.

There’s not a path or a system or a type that can box you in.

Yet, why have we always been told that we should follow our passion or our calling like it’s always existed and we have to dig it up and dust it off?

We’ve been told there is One Thing:

One Thing you’re supposed to do… one path, one calling, one passion, one purpose.

We become blocked by the categorically-sorted mindset of One Thing that we must do.

When You Spend Your Life On It, You’ll Be Drained

So, we go through life continually observing and searching for the One Thing that was promised to bring us fulfillment and joy and prosperity.

Yet, in the searching we get tossed around by fleeting desires and ungroundedness.

We form a loose grip around everything that might be the One Thing because we know that life events just might break us apart.


When we chase after One Thing, we live in the agonizing fear that we just might miss it.

And we’re plagued by questions like:

What if I miss my calling?

What if I didn’t find my purpose?

And it’s astonishing that we live in the cycle where we allow others to set the standard for goals in our life.

Let me tell you:

There’s so much more than the weight of One Thing you’re supposed to do.

You have creative freedom that cannot be contained in one task, job, passion, and position.

This Is How You Reframe Your Mindset For Creative Freedom

Let’s walk through an analogy:

Let’s act like we’re going to build a wall.

So, we go and collect supplies: 2x4s, drywall, screws, nails, screw driver, hammer.

Let’s just pick one supply for this example:

The hammer.

Our goal is to build a wall. And the hammer is going to help us do that.

Not a trick question… what does a hammer do?

It hits things.

The purpose of the hammer is to hit things. That’s it.

So, when we use the hammer to drive nails into the wall, we’re fulfilling the hammer’s purpose by hitting things, not by building a wall.

But, get this…

So often we view life like this analogy.

We want to build a wall and so we grab a hammer.

And we say to ourselves, “the purpose of this hammer is the build this wall”.

We build the wall. And then we set the hammer down. We act like the hammer has no other need to be used than to build this wall.

We miss out on everything we can create and build because we limited worth to one task.

If we acted like the purpose of the hammer was to build the wall, we would never be able to build desks and chairs and tables.

We’d limit the value of the hammer simply with the language we use about it.

And we’re no different.


Start To Redefine Purpose In Your Life

So often we examine our lives and say, “my purpose is to build an orphanage, or to give sermons, or to be a mom”.

“My purpose is to [add in the wall you want to build]”

We define ourselves by the walls we want to build.

You’ll miss out on so much creative freedom when you limit your worth to the accomplishment of One Thing.

See, your purpose is not to build a wall.

It’s to hit things (at least in this analogy it is).

For example, you purpose wouldn’t be to build an orphanage.

But, your purpose might be becoming a voice for the voiceless and downtrodden. Now you have creative freedom.

If your purpose is being a voice for the voiceless and downtrodden, imagine how much you can build.

Imagine the creative freedom that you can create when you extend your purpose beyond a final goal.

Because now you can build orphanages or you can mentor students or you might give talks or write or foster.

It’s endless what you can build and create.

So, the switch in unlocking your creative freedom is redefining what purpose looks like in your life.

It’s not about One Thing that you have to do.

Sometimes I think we get intimidated by the word purpose. We act like purpose is static.

It’s not.

Purpose is moving and breathing: evolving from what you experience and desire in life.

Honestly, I think instead of the word purpose, we might just use the word movement

That’s all purpose really is. Movement in a direction.

Purpose isn’t an end goal. It’s just momentum that propels the ideal future into the present.

Movement changes over time. It evolves and adapts based on the direction you’re headed in.

How can you start to redefine purpose in your life?

Have you been acting like it’s One Thing?

Or is it just a tool you use to build with… to exercise your creative freedom with?

You don’t have to find an eloquent statement that you think will sum up the rest of your life. That would be so limiting to who you can become.

All you’re looking for is a direction to move in and a loose grip that welcomes change.